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The Expansion Entices Lake-House-Loving Retirees with a Plan

Before Kathy Jonsrud retired 10 years ago, she took a class to prepare herself for big changes coming her way. “We focused on three ‘Ps’ — Purpose, Place, and People,” she explains.

Kathy and her husband, Orv, decided to spend the first decade of their retirement in their lake house. “I know now that there are really 4 ‘Ps’ — Purpose, Place, People, and Plan. Retiring to the lake house was lovely, but not an actual plan. Then the pandemic really brought home to us that living out in the country forever wouldn’t be feasible,” she says. “Even getting groceries when we couldn’t leave was tough. We didn’t want to rely on our nieces and nephews for help, and we didn’t want to ever become a burden. When our close friends who live at Trillium Woods told us about the expansion, we decided that it was time to take a look.”

The Jonsruds are now proud members of the Camelot Club — future Trillium Woods residents who will move in when the expansion is completed in 2025. Kathy was impressed not only by the community’s beauty and amenities but also by the sales experience itself. “Our experience with Trillium has been exceptional so far,” she says. “It’s been full of fairness, transparency, and kindness. We also appreciated that the sales team is happy to work with people in whatever way makes them most comfortable — by phone, by email, or in person.” 

For the Jonsruds, the main draw was the peace of mind that access to the continuum of care that the Plymouth, MN senior-living community offers. “As we age, it’s not a question of if you’re going to need help at some point, but when,” she says. “There’s a window in your 70s or 80s when you can make the move into a community relatively easily, and you can handle all the arrangements on your own terms. My parents are in their 90s, and they may have missed that window.”

As Camelot Club members, the Jonsruds are enjoying some of the perks of Trillium Woods lifestyle even before they move in. “The Camelot Club affords us the chance to understand the offerings at Trillium and the rhythm of the community,” says Kathy. “Trillium has offered informational seminars on right-sizing, lovely events with gourmet dining, drink, with live music, and virtual happy hours. We have attended most of these offerings to get to know our new neighbors and acclimate ourselves.”

Trillium Woods’ $56 million dollar expansion will include 52 new independent homes, 18 assisted-living residences, 16 memory-care studios, and a new bistro-style restaurant to the pet-friendly 46-acre campus. Only six independent-living homes were still available when the expansion celebrated its groundbreaking in April 2024.

While the Jonsruds now have a solid plan for their retirement, they aren’t giving up on country living entirely. “We do plan on keeping the lake house as long as it’s fun. This way, we can enjoy it when we want to and still feel secure about our future.”