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There’s nothing quite like hearing what a place is like from the people who make it home and their loved ones. ,Our dedicated Trillium Woods staff continues to serve residents in ways that protect everyone’s safety, while also keeping them and their families in the loop.


Five years ago, my parents gave my brother and me the greatest gift possible— they left their home/town/state of 25 years to move close to the two of us. They made the decision when they were young enough and healthy enough to CHOOSE where they wanted to live, to CREATE their own new community of friends, to be INVOLVED in the planning of activities, to be in a place where they could be close to family, and to be in their FOREVER home. After a lifetime of moving, they can be in one place now for the rest of their lives and not have to be stressed at making a move when they are otherwise incapacitated.

At Trillium, they were immediately made to feel welcome, and it was obvious that the staff has long term plans well in hand: the weekly housekeeping started right way (not waiting until they thought they “needed” it), a shuttle availability for many things so they didn’t feel they needed to have 2 cars, exercise classes and salon on site.

There are in-house activities, interesting outings, friendly people (staff and residents)… and if their particular interest wasn’t already available, there was a way to make it happen (pickle ball and a choral group, for instance). There is certainly a strong community— when people need more medical/physical assistance, they move on to the Birches, but since it’s all under one roof, residents can easily walk over and visit their old friends, so no one is left to feel forgotten about and isolated.

When COVID hit, I was grateful to know that safety precautions were in place right away, and I never worried about them.

I like the peace of mind of knowing that they will be well cared for, for many years to come!

Cathy, Daughter of Resident

One of the happiest moments I've ever had was when my mother told me that moving to Trillium Woods was the best decisions she and my dad ever made. It was about a year after they moved in, and she said that they had not looked back for a second since they got there.

That's not to say that they didn't have a wonderful, retired life in their previous home—great friends, active in their community, and a house in the woods that they loved. But now at Trillium, they no longer had the worry of the upkeep of that house, the increasing difficulty of climbing the stairs at the end of the day, and being 6 hours away from their adult children and grandchildren.

Arriving at Trillium Woods gave them the immediate freedom from worry about what happens to them as time marches on, and they found a comfortable community that they embraced and that embraced them from day one.

What does that mean to me, as their son? Everything!

Ross, Son of Resident

"I'm an only child and currently live in London, England. My parents are in excellent health, but I worry about who will be there for them when they need help. They have no one but me. They found Trillium Woods where their very active lives have continued, and they have many new friends. When they need help, it will be just "around the corner." It gives me great peace of mind to know they are having a wonderful retirement at Trillium Woods, and I know that some people who care are there for them when needed."

Michele, Daughter of Resident

At Trillium Woods, my dad is as independent as he would like to be while enjoying the benefits of some structure which I (and he) view as the gravy: safety, socialization, services...there is so much. My family is/has been so grateful for a community like Trillium Woods! The staff has done so much for my parents, which give us children such piece of mind.

Elizabeth Christinidis , Daughter of Resident

Greetings Everyone – Matt and all of your wonderful Trillium Woods staff.
Jean and I have the feeling that when the first of the year rolls around, we will look back over our shoulders and ask “what just happened?” When we set sail last January, all was calm. But before long, it felt as though we were riding a raft in the middle of a typhoon. What a year!

It will take us some time to sort it all out but one thing we know for sure: our decision to move to Trillium Woods was one of the best decisions we ever made. It has been our safe harbor through it all. Trillium Woods has brought us into a community life unlike any we have ever known. It is a neighborhood. We feel safe and secure here.

Jean and I treasure the generosity of everyone here, the thoughtful conversations, the care and support always at hand, the growing friendships, the ever-present kindness of greeting one another in the hallways, meeting places, or the dining room during those few weeks when it was open.

We are now turning to 2021 and look forward to a time when being together in close proximity without masks is normal again. With that, we wish you good health, peace, love and joy throughout the Holiday Season and New Year.

Jean and Bill , Residents

We are thankful to live at Trillium Woods and for the thoughtful and creative care we receive. On Thanksgiving, they served us anti pasta at 11:00 a.m., Thanksgiving dinner at 12:00 p.m., and pie and ice cream at 1:00 p.m. What a great idea to deliver our dinner that way. The food was delicious. Giving Christmas gifts this year will be especially meaningful, even though we will not be together. Shopping on-line is a new experience for us.

May beautiful moments and happy memories surround you with joy. We wish you a Merry Christmas with God’s abundant blessings. Special blessings for you – family and friends.

Lois and Kent, Residents

To the management and staff of Trillium Woods – You have outdone yourselves in making our holiday very special. The beautiful trees with lights, decorations, delicious and beautifully presented dinner and creative and fun gift have made this a memorable holiday for us. Thank you for your extra time and effort. It is much appreciated. Merry Christmas to all

Ken and Donna, Residents

"We express to each other and our neighbors (via phone) each day about how very well cared for we feel here. We can only imagine the feat of planning, coordinating, cooking and executing the delivery of the wonderful meal choices that come to our door. Please let the entire team know how grateful we are for each person that makes this possible. The team and their families are in our hearts."

Bob and Barbara, Residents

"I’m not even sure I have the right words in my vocabulary to express my appreciation to all of you…who do so much for all of us living here at Trillium. Never in my lifetime have I ever felt so pampered! The Blessings we all receive because of all you people do... is immeasurable. The services you provide are way beyond any expectations I ever had and way beyond any I could ever have imagined. Many, many, thanks for making my life at Trillium such a safe and joyful place to be in these golden years."

Joan, Resident

"Amid all the anxiety and uncertainty of this viral emergency, Michael and I wanted to say thanks for the fantastic job you all are doing to make us feel safe and protected here at Trillium Woods. We applaud the serious and proactive steps already put in place.
We think the dramatically quick switch of dining/food service system was admirable! I’m sure it wasn’t as smooth behind the scenes as it looked from our perspective, but you got it up and operating in amazing time. Just want all of you to know how grateful we are."

Carol and Michael , Residents

"Bill and I want to thank you and all of your wonderful staff for everything you do for us at Trillium Woods. This pandemic crisis is certainly a life shaping crisis, but thanks to you, our daily lives continue to be comfortable, and we feel well informed. healthy, and happy. Thanks for the outstanding communication shared; your transparency is truly special!! Please thank each of your staff members for their kindness, upbeat demeanor, and extra care! Please know how much we treasure and appreciate you all. May each of you and your loved ones stay healthy."

Jean and Bill, Residents

"We want ALL Trillium Woods Staff, to know how much we appreciate everyone's efforts to help this situation go as smoothly as possible. We know this just doesn't happen at the snap of a finger. It takes much planning on a minute-to-minute basis as things change so quickly and involves long hours. The complimentary breakfast is a nice added touch. Thanks to the dining staff for all their hard work, menus, delivering meals, etc. It seems everyone is cooperating with the rules put before us which is good. Keep up the good work and just know it IS appreciated!"

Dennis and Sherrill, Residents

Just like you, our residents were once weighing their senior living options. See what they like most about living here and why so many of them say, “I wish I’d made the move to Trillium Woods a lot sooner.”

Don & Mickie
Charlie & Joyce
Heather Larson - Daughter of Resident

“Why Trillium Woods? We enjoy being somewhere that has a country feel without really being too far from the luxuries of a city. We examined over 80 places in and around the Twin Cities. Only one had everything we wanted and needed. A heated garage, a chef of local renown, free transportation to scheduled events, doctors’ appointments, shopping centers and the house of worship of your choice, and a heated indoor pool to boot, all add up to the type of place ‘happy ever after’ dreams are made of.” – Don and Mickie Deline

“With each passing year, we had become more and more aware of our need to plan our golden years. A place called Trillium Woods was being developed just miles from our home. Sweet!! We went to meetings to learn about the community and to meet others also looking for the same solution. The community of potential residents was helpful and supportive, and we were so very comfortable. We found our ideal spot and stepped into retirement mode with confidence and great joy. We’re here and delighted to celebrate each new day with the best people possible!!”

Rick and Bonnie Weathermon, Resident

“Don't wait to move to Trillium Woods. You don't want to lose the opportunity to be fully engaged in this wonderful community. We absolutely cherish this inclusive, welcoming community, the engaging range of available activities, and the incredible, delicious meals beautifully served.”

Jean and Bill Gjetson, Resident

“Everyday Heidi and I look at each other and say we absolutely made the right choice with Trillium Woods. We are delighted, and our timing was right. What’s more, the residents adopted us immediately and have become good friends.”

Heidi and Dick Poey, Resident

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