A complete program for your whole-body wellness.

At Trillium Woods, we’re committed to your total health and wellness. That’s why we offer a wide variety of programs — 8 dimensions of wellness, a National Institute for Fitness and Sport (NIFS) instructor, and a health care navigator — to help you meet your health and wellness goals.

“They have so much to offer. A great staff. Activities that can keep you busy most of the day. Trips, lectures, theaters, concerts, operas, movies and more. And they have happy hour every Friday night to top off your busy week.” — Marvin Cross, resident

A dimension of wellness for every aspect of your life.

According to a study by The MacArthur Foundation, 70% of how we age is determined by our lifestyle. At Trillium Woods, we believe a healthier, happier life starts by focusing on the 8 dimensions of wellness:

Feel at peace inside and out by establishing and maintaining a positive relationship with yourself and others.

Create a healthy environment from both a personal and ecological standpoint.

Make sense of the everyday, find peace and security during times of struggle, and remain confident in your decisions.

Remain engaged in the community by tapping into existing knowledge, discovering new interests or refining forgotten skills.

Health Services
Prevent and detect disease and maintain your peace of mind and independence.

Enjoy lifelong learning and explore new intellectual interests.

Prevent disease and maintain and improve your health by remaining active, establishing a healthy diet and avoiding harmful habits.

Create an environment where you can establish lasting friendships and maintain engaging relationships with other residents.

At least one aspect of our 8 dimensions of wellness philosophy can be found in each of these community activities and amenities:

  • Music and cultural events
  • Book clubs and reviews
  • Strength and cardio training
  • Posture, core and balance classes
  • Lifelong learning courses
  • Educational seminars
  • Shopping and cocktails
  • Guest lecture series
  • Weight training
  • Salon and spa services
  • Off-site outings
  • Current events discussion groups
  • Wii® tournaments
  • Volunteerism
  • Dance classes
  • Arts and crafts
  • Biking, hiking and walking paths
  • Groups, clubs and committees
  • Cards and games
  • Swimming and aquacise
  • Tai chi and yoga

TED Talk on Life Longevity

Check out the video below to learn about the two factors for life longevity.

See an activity you like to do that’s not on our list? As a resident, you’ll have a say in planning community wellness activities.

Current Newsletter!

Fitness programs designed just for you.

The National Institute for Fitness and Sport (NIFS) is a health and fitness program specifically designed and developed for active seniors with varied levels of ability and experience. Whether you’ve been going to the gym all your life or have never had the time until now, our group classes and individual instruction offer fun ways to live a healthier lifestyle. We also offer educational health and wellness sessions on reducing high blood pressure, the importance of healthy eating and exercising as you age, fall prevention, and more.

Trillium Woods is the only senior living community in Minnesota offering NIFS specialized fitness programs, and our instructor is the only person in the area trained in NIFS.

When you become a Trillium Woods resident, you can start working with our instructor from day one:
  • Senior Fitness Evaluation: Our instructor will safely evaluate your strength, endurance, flexibility and balance to assess your personal strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Exercise Prescription: Meet privately with our instructor to discuss your health history and personal goals. She’ll then develop an individualized exercise program and provide instruction on how to do your suggested exercises.
  • Consultations: Our instructor can help you with your general questions about health, fitness and the use of our equipment.
  • Health & Fitness Programming: NIFS offers a variety of programs, including incentivized fitness programs, educational health and wellness lectures, and much more.
  • Group Exercise Classes: A variety of group exercise classes are offered throughout the week ranging from seated, chair-based classes in the aerobics room to higher-intensity classes in the pool.

Help navigating your health care.

Trillium Woods has a dedicated health and wellness navigator — Cari Brastad, RN — to oversee all your health-related care. You’ll never have to plan for or make important medical decisions on your own. Cari can help you find a new physician, schedule a hospital stay, assist with insurance paperwork, schedule appointments, coordinate in-home services, or even make sure you’re safe and happy in your new home.

To learn more about our health and wellness philosophy, complete this form.

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