Focused on your total well-being.

At Trillium Woods, we feature a dedicated health and wellness navigator — Cari Brastad, RN — to help with all your health and wellness goals. As a resident, you’ll have unlimited access to Cari to assist you in finding the right medical providers in the community, help with insurance paperwork, scheduling appointments, coordinating in-home services, and consulting with you to determine what additional services we can provide. She also looks at your overall wellness and strives to meet your social, mental and spiritual needs. Benefits include:

  • Connecting you to our fitness team for evaluation and help tailoring an exercise plan unique to your preferences, abilities and individual fitness level.
  • Coordinating on-site diet and nutritional consultations, and supervising the development of an individualized nutrition plan specifically for your tastes and nutritional needs.
  • Acting as a liaison for all health-care related services and scheduling your medical appointments and services.
  • Coordinating transfers and paperwork for you during a hospitalization or for other off-site health care needs.
  • Help setting up health services and coordinating necessary transfers to higher levels of care. When short-term rehabilitative care is required, we’ll provide full support to help you transition back to independent living and your daily routine.
  • Assists you with establishing primary care physicians, specialists or other off-site medical care.
  • Providing you and your family with peace of mind, knowing that the complexities of managing your health care needs are being handled by a team of trained professionals.

Dedicated health and wellness navigator Cari Brastad, RN, can assist you in finding the right medical providers, help with insurance paperwork, scheduling appointments, coordinating in-home services, and more.

You’re connected to all our health and wellness programs.

Our health and wellness navigator partners closely with area providers and can serve as a trusted advisor and resource by supporting your overall wellness through education, collaboration and preventative services:

  • Fitness center referrals
  • Health and wellness Healthy Life Fairs
  • Subject matter expert speakers on health and wellness topics

A Trillium Woods health and wellness navigator fills out paperwork

We can also connect you to services, programs and resources that help maximize your independence to help you successfully age in place:

  • Home Health Care
  • Long-Term Care Insurance policy consultation
  • National Institute of Fitness and Sport (NIFS)
  • Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy
  • Living Will and Advance Directives Management, including “File of Life”
  • Health and fitness reference materials
  • Legal and financial resources as requested
Support groups.

At Trillium Woods, we believe one very important factor in your overall satisfaction is emotional wellness. Which is why we provide small group settings for you to share your personal concerns and learn ways to cope with any challenges you may face. Groups include:

  • Transitions – We’ll work with you to help you adjust to life at Trillium Woods.
  • Listening Post – For people who need to be heard and cared for; whether you’re dealing with caregiving pressures or grief and loss issues.
  • Women’s Group – For women who are more comfortable in a coffee klatch setting, this “ladies only” group provides a safe place to voice concerns and get advice on how to deal with personal issues.
  • Men’s Group – For men who find it difficult to reach out and get the support they may need; we offer a men’s only group to discuss whatever their needs might be.

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