Plymouth Minnesota Wins Education, Arts & Culture Award!

Plymouth Minnesota Wins Education, Arts & Culture Award!

Plymouth, MN, home of Trillium Woods, was named the winner of the 2023 Voice of the People Award for Excellence in Education, Arts, and Culture.

A close up of the blooming flowers in front of the stonework sign of the Trillium Woods entrance

Eight in ten residents rated opportunities for education, culture, and arts as excellent or good, as did 90% of residents for recreation programs/classes and recreation facilities. Additionally, Plymouth received favorable marks for community support for the arts; opportunities to attend cultural, arts, and music activities; and educational opportunities for children and adults.

“We’re proud to be part of the Plymouth community and this award is just another reason why so many of our very active residents call Trillium Woods and Plymouth their homes,” says Executive Director Joe Amend-Marshall.

According to Polco, the Voice of the People Awards are the only national awards that recognize local governments based on feedback from residents.