Mal Moore is Excited About the Trillium Woods Expansion

Exterior view of Trillium Woods' front drive

Trillium Woods has recently announced plans to expand its campus. The Plymouth life plan community will create additional independent living apartment homes, underground parking, a brand-new dining venue and much more. Residents like Mal Moore, one of Trillium Woods’s original residents, are thrilled about this news because it means brand new amenities for everyone to enjoy and the opportunity for new residents to join their tight-knit community.

Three senior residents sit on a couch and smile with cocktails in hand.

Mal moved into the community when it opened in 2015. He decided to make the change during a time in his life when he needed extra support. Sheila, his wife, had recently moved into a nearby assisted living community. Mal was the sole person in charge of the upkeep of their family home, and the stress added to his feelings of unease. So when news of a retirement community opening down the road reached Mal, he jumped at the opportunity to move in.

The maintenance-free lifestyle that Trillium Woods offered Mal in his time of need was one of the many draws that enticed him to move. Fast forward seven years later, and the experience has been nothing short of a dream come true for him.

Despite being on his own after Sheila’s passing, Mal has been able to find a group of friends. He can be found attending resident events and parties or having drinks at the community’s bar with his friends. He is an avid outdoorsman and takes every opportunity to walk nature trails or spend time at his family cabin in West Central Minnesota. Mal is also extremely close with his three children and eight grandchildren and often gets to have dinner with his nearby granddaughter at the Trillium Woods restaurant.

Trillium Woods spacious indoor pool.

When the news of Trillium Woods’s plans to expand their 46-acre campus reached Mal, he considered it something to be celebrated. “If it means that more people like me will have the opportunity to find a sense of peace and community, then this expansion will surely be to everyone’s benefit.”

“Life at Trillium Woods has exceeded my expectations as a new home. With wonderful new friends enjoying great food and many activities as an extended family who care about each other.”

To learn more about the expansion please visit: or call (763) 744-9400