A senior resident gets puppy kisses from a white and brown dog she is holding.

7 Best Dog Breeds for Seniors

If you’ve ever had a dog, you know they can become an integral part of your family. But if it’s been awhile, having a dog when you’re older can help provide companionship, love, and a sense of purpose. If you’re considering adding a furry friend to your life, this blog post will look at what you need to consider and discuss the best dog breeds for seniors.

At Trillium Woods, we have a range of services and amenities you and your dog will love including a sunroom, walking and hiking trails, and a dog park.

What You Should Know Before Getting a Dog

Because your needs, interests and lifestyle may have changed, the best dog breeds for seniors have moderate energy levels, and most are smaller. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Cost: Having a dog can be a long-term commitment and so is the cost of their care. Be sure to consider your finances before choosing a pet.
  • Size: Carefully consider the size of dog you want in case they’re prone to jumping or chasing. You don’t want your dog to knock you down or pull you over when they’re on a leash.
  • Activity level: Just because they’re small doesn’t mean they’re one of the best dog breeds for seniors. You also have to consider the level of exercise and stimulation the dog requires. Make sure you find a breed that fits your lifestyle.
  • Care required: How often will your pet need to be bathed, groomed, or taken to the vet? Look for a breed that doesn’t need much maintenance and isn’t prone to health problems.
  • Age: Almost everyone loves puppies, but you may want to consider an older or even a senior dog. They usually don’t have the energy levels or training needs of a puppy and are typically housebroken.

Furry Friends to Consider

  1. Bichon frise: The bichon frise is intelligent, obedient, gentle, cuddly, and doesn’t bark often. These dogs love to snuggle, have a pleasant, cheerful nature, and are perfectly content to spend much of the day relaxing indoors. A couple of short daily walks is enough to meet their exercise needs and they don’t shed, but they do require frequent brushing and grooming.
  2. Boston terrier: Adaptable, friendly, mild-tempered Boston terriers love sitting peacefully with their owners. They’re easy to train and don’t bark much, which makes them well suited to apartment or condo life. Their grooming needs are minimal, since their short, smooth coat is easy to care for. However, they don’t do well in hot weather.
  3. Cavalier King Charles spaniel: These quiet, small dogs make some of the best lap dogs for seniors. They love nothing better than snuggling, and they get along extremely well with adults, children and other pets. Active and playful, they’re intelligent and easy to train. They have a long coat that is prone to matting, particularly behind their long ears, so regular brushing and grooming is required.
  4. French bulldog: Commonly called Frenchies, this bulldog breed is one of the best dogs for seniors who live in apartments or want a dog with less energy. French bulldogs are spirited and goofy by nature and love to be with their owners. They’ll climb into your lap and cuddle while you watch the nightly news. They’re not the best choice for people who live in hot environments, as they can overheat easily.
  5. Miniature schnauzer: These dogs have a distinctive beard and bushy eyebrows that create an endearing appearance. They’re best suited for active seniors who want an energetic dog that loves running and chasing toys such as balls or frisbees. They’re eager to please, love to snuggle, and don’t require a lot of grooming maintenance.
  6. Pembroke Welsh corgi: Famously owned by Queen Elizabeth II, corgis are among the most lovable and energetic dogs on this list. Originally bred as herding dogs, you’ll want to ensure your corgi gets adequate exercise, including hikes and trips to the dog park. While they like the occasional cuddle, they weigh around 30 pounds.
  7. Shih tzu: Shih tzus always want to be by their owners’ sides and are good small dogs for seniors. This breed lives for cuddles and attention. They’re playful and have a gentle temperament but aren’t overly active. They get enough exercise through short daily walks.

You and Your Furry Friend Will Love It Here

With 46 tree-filled acres to explore, you and your dog are sure to love living at Trillium Woods. If you’re interested in learning more about our senior living community, contact us today. We’d be happy to show you and your dog around.