Senior couple canoeing

Trillium Woods’ 8 Dimensions of Wellness Program Foster Whole Person Health and Happiness

At Trillium Woods, we understand that health and wellness are more than regular doctor’s appointments and exercise (though we like those, too!). In order to be truly well, humans need a sense of fulfillment, social connections, and intellectual stimulation, in addition to physical health.

Our 8 Dimensions of Wellness program is committed to whole-person wellness — mind, body, and spirit. Our dedicated Community Life Services team creates a schedule every month chock full of parties, classes, workshops, lectures, games, events, club meetings, and trips — each of which promotes at least one aspect of wellness. A wide variety of social opportunities, fitness initiatives, and ways to engage with the community and the greater world are imperative for senior wellness, especially in a geographical region that experiences long winters, which can lead to social isolation.

Through our exciting, fun, and fulfilling activities, we carefully foster and bolster wellness in all aspects of holistic wellness in the following 8 dimensions:

Emotional Wellness
Feeling at peace inside and out by establishing and maintaining a positive relationship with yourself and others.

Environmental Wellness
Creating a healthy environment from both a personal and ecological standpoint. Connecting with nature.

Spiritual Wellness
Making sense of the everyday, finding peace and security during times of struggle, and remaining confident in your decisions.

Vocational Wellness
Remaining engaged in the community by tapping into existing knowledge, discovering new interests, or refining forgotten skills. Includes volunteering, exploring creativity.

A resident moving a dark brown stained wood board in the woodworking area.

Health Services
Preventing and detecting disease, and maintaining peace of mind and independence.

Intellectual Wellness
Enjoying lifelong learning and exploring new intellectual interests.

Physical Wellness
Preventing disease, and maintaining and improving health by remaining active, establishing a healthy diet and avoiding harmful habits.

Social Wellness
Creating an environment where you can establish lasting friendships and maintain engaging relationships with other residents.

Our February 2023 activities calendar is a perfect example of purpose-driven programming. For example, this month we continue our series Education in the Auditorium with expert-led presentations about The Azores, Energy Geopolitics, The Pacific Theater in WWII, and a Defensive Driving class. We’re taking trips to local plays and concerts, and hosting performances onsite. We’re touring the Hindu Temple of Minnesota and visiting the Spring Flower Show at the MN Landscape Arboretum.

We’re celebrating the Super Bowl, Valentine’s Day, and Mardi Gras with parties and events. We’re also hosting a resident variety show and even a “Not So Newlywed Game” based on the game show from the 60s and 70s.

In addition, there’s our regular club meetings, arts and craft classes, card and table games, music groups, movie nights, language classes, book clubs, writers groups, and trips to religious services.

And for Heart Health Month, we’ve added classes in Cardio Drumming and Funky Fitness in addition to our usual robust fitness offerings — and we’re going on a snow-showing adventure!

To learn more about the 8 Dimensions of Wellness at Trillium Woods, Plymouth’s only Lifeplan senior living community, visit, where you can also check out all the exciting events we have planned in our monthly newsletter.