Senior woman relaxing in a chair at home.

Advantages of Solo Aging in a Senior Living Community

Not all of us retire with a significant other, but just because you’re on your own, doesn’t mean you have to live alone. Many active seniors are experiencing this phenomenon that’s been dubbed “solo aging.” And a lot of solo seniors are turning to the activities and amenities of a senior living community to provide the social, emotional and physical support we all need to thrive, at any age.

What is solo aging?

Solo aging is just a catchy way to say you’re aging on your own. For some, that means we don’t have a spouse/partner, whether by loss, divorce, choice or some other reason. In addition, we either don’t have kids or they, along with our other relatives, don’t live close by.

Once upon a time, solo aging was met with pity and misunderstanding. Now we understand that not only is it more common, but for some it is a conscious choice that can be a positive experience.

Six Tips for successful solo aging:

  1. Understand your options. Make a list and do your research so you can make decisions without fear.
  2. Work on shifting your perspective so problems become opportunities.
  3. Foster a close support group of friends and peers to help in the absence of family caregivers.
  4. Think about leaving unhealthy habits like alcohol, smoking, poor diet and inactivity in the past and focus on enjoying a healthy future.
  5. Put your legal and financial house in order. Set a budget and name a healthcare and financial proxy.
  6. Consider moving to an independent living community to mitigate loneliness and isolation.

Find a retirement community that understands every aspect of your lifestyle.

At Trillium Woods, we’re committed to your total health and wellness. Our comprehensive programs are wrapped in what we call our 8 Dimensions of Wellness. It covers:

  • Emotional — feel at peace and remain positive.
  • Environmental — create a healthy environment.
  • Spiritual — make sense of life and remain confident in your decisions.
  • Vocational — stay engaged, use your skills and discover new interests.
  • Health Services — prevent and detect medical issues.
  • Intellectual — enjoy lifelong learning and explore intellectual pursuits.
  • Physical — maintain and improve your health.
  • Social — establish lasting friendships.

Solo aging doesn’t mean you’re on your own when it comes to maintenance.

Think of our one-bedroom senior apartments as your home base. Most of your time will probably be spent enjoying the great services and amenities right outside your door. And even when you are home, you won’t have to worry about chores or maintenance. We’ll handle all the inside and outside chores: cooking, housekeeping, linens, window cleaning, painting, lawn care, snow removal, plumbing, air conditioning/heating maintenance and more.

When it comes to independent living, we think we’re a natural fit.

Some people might look forward to a rocking chair on a quiet porch, but if you’ve lived an active, independent lifestyle, there’s no reason to change now just because you’re retiring. We’ll help you meet new friends and enjoy the freedom of a life with fewer responsibilities, less worry and a lot more fun.

Trillium Woods in Minnesota offers wide-open spaces and clear starry nights that speak to your heart and soul. Here you’ll discover a life with four distinct seasons filled with friends, outdoor activities and lots of opportunities to smile. If that sounds like the ideal way to spend your retirement years, we invite you to check out our traditional independent living floor plans and our up and coming expansion residences. Or get in touch and schedule a visit. We’d love to show you around.