She Moved to Trillium Woods to Be Near Family

She Moved to Trillium Woods to Be Near Family, But She Found So Much More

Though Anne Kimball considers herself a lifelong Easterner, the Connecticut native moved across country to the Twin Cities area last year.

“After raising our family in Marblehead, Ma., and then returning to Connecticut, my husband Dick and I retired to a large senior community in Florida,” she explains. “Several of my children and grandchildren have lived in Minnesota for more than 30 years, and they urged us to move to be closer, but we thought we’d stay in Florida forever. Then after Dick passed away, I started to think about the importance of living near family.”

A Lucky Choice

“My daughter and I looked at several senior living communities in the area, but after living here for almost a year, I can tell you that I was absolutely lucky to choose Trillium Woods,” she says. “I loved our home in Florida, but Trillium Woods is even better! It’s the perfect size and has a great location close enough to the city that it’s easy to travel there but far enough away that it feels like living in the country. There’s also so much to do!”

Kimball stays active with morning exercise classes and enjoys playing bridge several times a week. “There are so many wonderful events and activities on campus, but I also enjoy taking the bus to go to concerts, plays, and lectures in town. There’s never a dull moment at Trillium Woods.”

Though Kimball is new to the area, she’s been bowled over by the friendliness of her new neighbors and how easy it has been for her to jump in and participate. “Everyone has been so welcoming. I also love that there are many opportunities to be on committees and get involved at Trillium Woods.”

Kimball is also a big fan of the food. “Oh my gosh, the dining is simply gourmet here,” she smiles. “In Florida, there was one chef and the food wasn’t very special. Here, there are several great chefs and every meal is wonderful. I especially enjoy the elegant wine-tasting dinners. It’s a full experience, with each of the chefs working on something special and then coming over to describe how they put it together. I went to one recently and I asked about one of the little courses and how long it took. The chef said, ‘well, I started on Wednesday, and then on Thursday I did this, and on Friday I did that…’ and it really highlighted everyone’s commitment to good food and good service.”

“At the same time, I do love that my apartment has a full kitchen that’s perfect for entertaining,” she says. “I often host my kids and grandkids on Sunday nights for dinner.”

In addition to having weekly family get-togethers, the New Englander has found another reason to love the area. “I get to enjoy winters again. After Florida, I was really happy to come back to a place where I could enjoy all four seasons. I do enjoy sitting by a nice cozy fire and watching it snow,” she laughs.

Continuing a Life of Service

Throughout her life, Kimball has been passionate about community service. A position as Director of a social service agency connected with her Episcopal Church inspired her to attend Yale Divinity School and become ordained in the Episcopal Church. She served as a Priest in her large home parish for several years, then as the Associate Dean of the Berkeley Divinity School at Yale, later as a Spiritual Director, and, after retirement, at various parishes doing supply ministry as needed.

“I appreciate how many opportunities there are at Trillium Woods to volunteer on campus and also to give back to the local area and serve the wider community,” she says. “Trillium Woods is a leader in terms of community service opportunities.”

Peace of Mind (and More Service Opportunities)

Choosing a life plan community like Trillium Woods was important to the 90-year-old Kimball. “I love that my new home has continuing care, if I ever need extra support,” she says. “And it’s great that it’s right there, convenient for loved ones who want to visit. It provides solid peace of mind for everyone — you and your kids. I’ve also done a lot of work in healthcare centers, so in the meantime, I personally look forward to volunteering there as well.”