Seniors riding their bicycles

How to Get Adjusted to Life in Your New Independent Living Community

Change is hard. Even if you’re excited about the new possibilities available in an independent living community, there may be an uncomfortable adjustment period after you move in. Science explains the reason: The human brain is inherently resistant to change, which can trigger the fight, flight or freeze response in the amygdala. Nevertheless, there are ways to ease the transition. These tips can help you adapt to — and enjoy — your new lifestyle after moving into senior living.

Take Your Time

Adjusting to a major change in your life won’t happen overnight. Give yourself permission to take it slowly, choosing a few small steps every day to help you adjust to your new home. It may seem paradoxical, but setting small, reasonable goals can help you achieve your purpose more quickly than one large goal. If a goal is too big, it can be overwhelming, and you’ll find yourself procrastinating.

Find Activities that Interest You

Look over the activities calendar or browse the list of on-campus amenities and note the ones that pique your interest. Pick one or two a day and give them a try. As you take yourself to the art studio or explore the library, you’ll meet fellow residents and begin to slowly integrate yourself into community life. And you might even have fun!

Engage in Regular Physical Activity

Give yourself an assignment to find the fitness center, walk the community’s paved trails, or sign up for a water aerobics class. In addition to familiarizing yourself with the community, finding opportunities to be physically active can help reduce the stress and anxiety you may feel after moving to senior living.

Meet Your Neighbors

One of the delights of an independent living community is the warm, friendly atmosphere. To help you plug into the social scene, knock on a neighbor’s door and introduce yourself. Ask them questions about their favorite activities and classes. And if it feels right, invite them to the community’s café or pub so you can get to know them better.

Pursue Your Hobbies

You’ve undergone a big shift, but not everything has changed. Keep doing the things you’ve always enjoyed, whether that means joining a book club, or taking your four-legged companion to the dog park. Engaging in familiar activities will bring comfort, help you feel like yourself in your new surroundings, and introduce you to like-minded friends.

Establish a Routine

Having a familiar routine is comforting. The brain doesn’t have to expend as much energy when it knows that every morning you attend an exercise class, after lunch you check your mailbox, or on Wednesdays you participate in the craft club. As you explore your community and begin to identify the activities, people, services, and amenities you most enjoy, you’ll be able to create a new routine that brings a comforting feeling of being at home.

Invite Friends and Family to Visit

It will do your heart good to connect with loved ones on a regular basis. And showing them around your new community can foster a newfound sense of belonging. As you give a guided tour and greet new friends and neighbors, you’ll realize how far you’ve come in acclimating to your new home.

Celebrate Your Accomplishments

When you’re adjusting to a major life change, it’s important to applaud your efforts with small rewards. Whether you pay yourself a sincere compliment, treat yourself to a small piece of chocolate, or relax with a cup of your favorite tea, celebrating your progress will encourage you to keep moving toward your goal.

Come Home to Trillium Woods

With the friendly community, picturesque surroundings and active lifestyle you’ll find here at Trillium Woods, you’ll soon discover that moving to independent living is one of the best decisions you’ve ever made. From bocce ball to book club, Wii® tournaments to woodworking, there’s plenty to explore in our vibrant community. Contact us to learn more or to schedule a tour.