Trillium Woods resident

Member of Trillium Woods’ “Freshman Class” Prefers New 1 Bedroom

When Rusty Huff moved into Trillium Woods in 2015, she chose a 2-bedroom home on the first floor.

“I was excited about the community and moved in the first year Trillium was open,” she explains. “We— residents who have been here since the start — call ourselves the ‘Freshman Class.’”

The reasons that she chose the Plymouth, MN Life Plan community 8 years ago are still important to her now.

“I took care of my mother and my father when they got older, and I don’t want to put my children through that,” she says. “No matter what happens, I know that I’ll be taken care of here. It’s given me a lot of peace of mind. I know I made the right choice because of how well the people who work at Trillium Woods took care of us during the pandemic. They show how much they genuinely care about us.”

Huff was initially attracted to Trillium Woods specifically because of its amazing location. “I love that it’s in a more rural, country area with woods, lakes, and nature all around,” she explains. “The view from my patio is spectacular and reminds me of summers at the family camp up in Canada. At the same time, the community is still in a convenient location, near shopping, doctors, theater, and ball games.”

Huff enjoys visiting nearby Lake Camelot, too. “The trumpeter swans return year after year, and it’s wonderful to watch each new batch of cygnets arrive in the spring and grow up over the summer.”

New View

The view from Huff’s patio has changed since she moved in. “Last year, after my black and tan cocker spaniel passed away, I looked around and realized that I had too much space for my needs,” she says. “So I decided to downsize from a two-bedroom home to a one-bedroom home right down the hall. This one now fits me perfectly and it’s wonderfully cozy in winter. I don’t feel cramped — the whole campus, including the gardens I tend, the pool I like to walk in, and all the other public spaces are also part of my home. And my patio is like an extra room in the summer.”

Part of Huff’s calculation to move included consideration for her three sons and three stepdaughters, and several grandchildren. “Moving to the one bedroom also gave me a chance to do another round of decluttering,” says Huff. “I experienced cleaning out my parent’s home after they passed away, and I’d like to save my kids from that burden, as well.”

No-Maintenance, Active Lifestyle

Living at Trillium Woods also gives Huff the freedom to travel without worrying about shutting down a house and turning off all the services. When she spends time with her family, including all nine great-grandchildren, on Lake of the Woods this summer, all she needs to do is lock her door and go!

“I’m excited to go to the lake house — the kids (aged 1-10) have never all been together in the same place.”

The upcoming trip to Lake of the Woods has Huff remembering summers in Canada. “We filled our days with adventures in the woods and made-up games,” she says. “We made our own fun, which is the best kind there is. It’s amazing what you come up with when you have nothing to do!”

Of course, having nothing to do is not a problem for anyone who lives at Trillium Woods. “It’s impossible to get bored here. All you have to do is look at the monthly calendar and choose from all the activities, trips, and parties, and you’ll find something you like.”