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Engaging Activities Promotes an Active Lifestyle

“Minnesota shows off her true beauty in the fall. It’s a wonderful time to go on the many excursions, road trips, and activities Trillium Woods offers. There is so much to do, and it’s easy to have fun and share memorable times with my neighbors.”

Our community is dedicated to helping seniors enjoy an active lifestyle. No matter your interests, Trillium Woods, a life plan community in Plymouth, MN, is arranging a variety of experiences to delight residents.

residents enjoying the outdoorsTake a walk, enjoy the crisp air, and check on autumn’s annual march toward a blaze of red, yellow, and orange leaves. Learn why nature can statistically reduce stress, anxiety, and depression and increase creativity, focus, and hope.

Sometimes mother nature summons up the best shows! Come and watch 11,000 Sandhill Cranes migrate around the marshes of the Sherburne National Wildlife Refuge. We take a leisurely drive to watch the birds dramatically take flight before dusk.

If you love to relax to the sounds of beautiful classical music, we enjoy regular concert excursions to Orchestra Hall. If you prefer more energetic tunes, band concerts at the Edinborough Park Indoor Amphitheater will find you in joyful company. There are also headline theater experiences on our agenda, with Broadway shows from Les Miserables and Hamilton at the Orpheum.

We bring educational forums to you with distinguished speakers on topics for the curious-minded, like a virtual tour of Paris! How about reflecting on the sacred role of nature in our lives with an author’s roundtable featuring an award-winning journalist from Minnesota Public Radio? Keep up and stay informed by looking at how the Biden Administration is fairing with its foreign policy agenda. If you enjoy having a book on the go, take a deep dive into the plot and other discussion points with our monthly book club.

Senior residents collect food in paper grocery bags.“We are very discerning and look to engage residents with enjoyable and thought-provoking experiences,” said Laurie Kruper, Director of Community Life Services for Trillium Woods. “We strive to offer something for every resident, focusing on the 8 Dimensions of Wellness, knowing that investments in our emotional, physical, social, and intellectual, among other important dimensions, can lift our spirits and keep us healthy and wise.”

Staying busy and active, whether educational or just for fun, is a necessity here.

Come and show your cards with Texas Hold ’em and Bingo; root on the Vikings at our tailgate parties. Make memories while you decorate pumpkins, and celebrate Octoberfest, Halloween, and the upcoming gnome season with a scavenger hunt.

If you like cake, we have that too! Join us for cupcake decorating to celebrate National Cake Decorating Day. Are you looking for more than a sweet treat? Come along for our dining excursions – we roll to The Original Pancake House, Doolittle’s Woodfire Grill, and the Sunshine Factory and enjoy dining around the world at the Black Forest Inn.

It is easy to get involved and included. Our excursions, activities, and food and beverage plans are only one touch away with our “Touchtown” system, a computer and phone app that links you to the activities menu. We say “Go To Touchtown” to keep informed and ready to connect with friends and neighbors at Trillium Woods.

To learn more about all the activities and amenities at Trillium Woods, please visit or call 763-744-9440. To see our monthly calendar click here.