A Completely Personalized Approach to Health and Wellness

Health and happiness are a way of life at Trillium Woods. In addition to its signature 8 Dimensions of Wellness programming focused on fun group activities, Plymouth, MN’s premier senior living community offers residents completely individualized one-on-one support in several areas. Whether you’d like to focus on healthy eating, want to improve your mobility and stamina through fitness, or need some help finding a great doctor or juggling a complex medical issue, Trillium Woods’ dedicated wellness professionals — including a licensed dietitian, a full-time fitness trainer, and a dedicated health and wellness nurse navigator — are ready to help you succeed.

Registered Dietitian Lindsay Weisberg MS, LD, RD, and Assistant Food and Beverage Director Kaitlyn Van House shared healthy snacks and no-sodium spice blends at Trillium Woods’ recent Wellness Fair.

Eating to Support an Active Lifestyle
Proper nutrition is always important, but eating well is especially important as you age. Trillium Woods’ residents have a secret weapon to help them get into the right mindset for making positive changes.

“I like to say that I don’t put people on diets,” explains Trillium Woods’ Registered Dietitian, Lindsay Weisberg, MS, LD, RD. “Diet has a negative connotation. Instead, I help interested residents use the foods they eat to stay healthy and independent. It’s not about restriction. It’s about being proactive in maintaining the quality of life that you want. It’s a positive.”

Weisberg’s consultations meet people where they are — often literally. “I’m happy to visit residents in their apartments so they can show me exactly what they are eating and how much. These visits are a great opportunity for education. I teach people about nutritional labels, which were changed in the past few years, and compare suggested serving sizes to what people are consuming. It can be eye-opening.”

Her services are included as a benefit of Trillium Woods — and entirely optional.

“A concerning test result is often a catalyst for people to seek a consultation with me,” says Weisberg. “Maybe they have high cholesterol or are prediabetic and are looking for ways to get those numbers down. In particular, the pandemic was very challenging for many people, and they are hoping to reboot their health after being a little less active and eating more convenience and take-out food.”

Knowing that excess salt intake can cause high blood pressure, kidney disease, strokes, osteoporosis, heart failure, and a plethora of other serious health problems, many residents are also interested in cutting back on sodium.

“Salt can be a big issue for seniors,” says Weisberg. “I’m happy to help residents explore other ways to pack flavor into their foods using no-salt blends of spices in their own cooking and to show them which menu choices are best when dining out. Residents are lucky — chefs at our own restaurant, the 5855, can prepare unseasoned and low-salt versions of several popular dishes upon request, too.”

Fitness Instructor Jessie Hatley (back left) and Fitness Manager Sam Lefaive (back right) cheered on residents Nita Whyte and Eiko Hidani as they exercised for a good cause during the recent Pump It For Parkinson’s fundraiser.

Fitness to Support Living Well
Trillium Woods also takes a completely personalized approach to helping residents meet their fitness goals. Fitness Manager Sam Lefaive and her team from the National Institute for Fitness and Sport use regular fitness evaluations to create completely customized exercise plans to support them on their journey to better health.

“I encourage everyone to do a fitness evaluation at least once a year, like an oil change,” she laughs. “Some people are nervous, but I remind them that it’s not a pass/fail test. We’re just seeing how they are doing in terms of balance, strength, flexibility, agility, and endurance. Then I give them a ‘prescription’ of classes and exercises that they use to help them stay strong and live the life they want.”

Lefaive oversees Trillium Woods’ extensive group fitness class offerings and the state-of-the-art fitness center with its strength training and cardio equipment.

“I agree that it’s very important to meet people where they are and take their goals, abilities, and preferences into account,” she says. “If you ask me what’s the best cardio exercise, I’ll say it’s your favorite one. An exercise bike has its benefits, but if you hate it, you won’t do it. Walk or swim or dance — whatever gets you moving regularly is the best cardio for you. That having been said, it’s important to work on balance, flexibility, strength, and agility, too, to stay independent.”

The evaluations are often a time for celebration. “Because we have participants’ previous results, we can see changes year over year based on residents’ efforts,” Lefaive says. “It’s not unusual to see people not just maintain their current levels, but with a little work, many people actually improve by 10% or more even as they get older.”

Health and Wellness Navigator Cari Brastad, RN

A Healthcare Navigator on Your Side
Managing healthcare can be very challenging, especially as a senior, when recommended visits and screenings increase.

Luckily for residents at Trillium Woods, dedicated Health and Wellness Navigator Cari Brastad, RN, is standing by to help find the right medical providers in the community, help with insurance paperwork, schedule appointments, coordinate in-home services, and consult with you to determine what additional services are needed.

“It’s basic but finding a health care provider who you are comfortable with and who is willing to spend time getting to know you and what is important to you is key,” she says. “Seniors are more successful when they have doctors and providers who they value and trust, and when that provider is invested in knowing them. I can help residents find the right providers for them — the ones who will make that personalized connection.”

Reliable transportation to and from appointments can be arranged, as well.

“I’m also able to coordinate transfers and paperwork for you during a hospitalization or for other off-site health care needs,” she says. “When you’re not feeling well, the last thing you want to worry about is paperwork.”

When short-term rehabilitative care is required after a surgery or illness, she helps residents get the support they need to transition back to independent living and resume their daily routines.

“If a higher level of care is ever needed, I’ll work with you and your family to make sure that the transfer is made smoothly and all the necessary health services are in place,” she says. “LifePlan communities like Trillium Woods give seniors and their loved ones the peace of mind of knowing that more care is available right on campus if it’s ever needed.”

Explore Wellness at Trillium Woods
Whether through individualized nutritional guidance, personalized exercise plans based on periodic fitness evaluations, or comprehensive healthcare navigation, Trillium Woods’ wellness experts give residents the completely customized support they need to thrive.

For more information about Trillium Woods’ comprehensive health and wellness offerings and dedicated Health Care Navigator, visit https://www.trilliumwoodslcs.com/community-life/active-lifestyle/.