Everyone at Trillium Woods has a story. Here are just a few.

You might have heard there are many interesting, active and thoroughly engaged people who live at Trillium Woods. And trust me, there are!

But what you may have been wondering is how these people made the life-changing, life-enhancing decision – for themselves and for the people they love – to call Trillium Woods home.

These residents and their children asked me to share their stories with you, in hopes that what they discovered on their personal journeys would help make one decision a little easier for you: the decision to come for a visit and see how this remarkable community can enhance your life, too.

Resident Beth Burns and her daughter, Courtney

Beth: “I’d been talking for four years about getting out of the big house my daughters grew up in, but I didn’t know where to go, and they didn’t either. I came to Trillium Woods – and after a couple of weeks in the community, I thought, this place is wonderful! This is where I should be! I love the fitness center, the food is delicious, and the grounds are beautiful. And I don’t have to worry about any of it. I haven’t lost a thing by being here. The things I lost are the things I wanted to give up.”

Courtney: “It’s a happy, delightful place – a terrific caliber of people live and work here. It’s a true community all under one roof. Residents are so invested in the community and each other. My mom is happy here. She’s living bigger than she was before, because she has opportunities and people to do things with. And she’s thriving.

Courtney: “If I could give my former self advice, I’d say you have to get in the doors. You have to experience Trillium Woods to understand what this place is about.”

senior smiling with a caregiver

Residents Wanda Schoeneberger and her dad, Spencer Landswerk

Wanda: “Spencer moved into Trillium Woods’ long-term care in 2015; my husband Bob and I moved into our independent living apartment in 2016. We moved to minimize stress in our lives and yet be prepared for the future. And I can just walk down the hall to visit my dad! Living here has surpassed our wildest dreams.”

Spencer: “I just love this place. Everyone is so nice and helpful. I’m 94, I’m happy, and I’m sure a lot of that is because of the people. The staff, other residents – they care.”

Wanda: “We can’t think of anything better than having these people move with us through our lives, for the rest of our lives. There’s Minnesota Nice, and then there’s Trillium Woods Nice.”

You’ve heard from our residents and their children. Now here’s what you should do next: Schedule a personal lunch with us! Contact us today, and we’ll arrange your complimentary lunch with a small group of residents. It’s a perfect way to meet our residents and see how comfortable you’ll feel at Trillium Woods.