Benefits of Living at a Senior Living Community for Active Adults

When you’re raising a family, having a large home with a lawn makes a lot of sense. Everyone has a space of their own and you have room to host extended family and friends for holidays, parties, and celebrations. But somewhere along the line, mowing the lawn, raking leaves, shoveling snow, painting, cleaning and maintaining a home can become more of a burden than a joy. That’s why many older adults are taking advantage of the benefits of senior living communities — like Trillium Woods — and freeing themselves from the responsibilities of homeownership to focus more on their interests.

Enjoy More of Life’s Possibilities

Today’s retirement is no longer all about leisure and relaxation. Yes, there are times to rest and take it all in, but more and more seniors enjoy staying physically active. In fact, many older people say they’re busier in retirement than when they were working and raising a family. So why would you want household chores or waiting around for the repairman to keep you from enjoying life? Here are seven benefits of senior living:

  1. Maintenance-free living: No more chores, repairs, maintenance, upkeep, housekeeping, or even cooking. Do more of what you want and less of what you don’t.
  2. Designed for aging adults: If you look around your current home, how well does it fit your life today and how well will it fit it in the future? Most homes will need some adjustments — widened doorway, grab bars — to make them safe and accessible. And if you have stairs to climb to do laundry or get in and out of your house, they can become a problem. Senior living communities are set up to meet your changing needs, providing peace of mind for you and your family members.
  3. Explore your interests: Senior living communities have a full schedule of activities including happy hours, educational seminars and outings. At Trillium Woods we have a library, maker’s studio, putting green, horseshoe pit, bocce ball court, pickleball courts, game room, and woodworking shop to continue or learn a new hobby. Or you could enjoy one of several fitness classes in our fitness center.
  4. Expand your social circle: Being around friends and neighbors who have a similar history and interests can make life more enjoyable. And it’s easy to join them for coffee, a meal, or a game of cards.
  5. Opportunities to volunteer: Most senior living communities offer a variety of volunteer opportunities on and off campus. You could even volunteer to be on a community committee or club. Or join other residents in volunteering at an area school, hospital, library or community center.
  6. Enjoy whole-body wellness: To live longer and happier, your physical health is essential. One big benefit of senior living communities such as Trillium Woods is access to a fitness center with equipment, an indoor pool, and classes designed specifically for older adults. They also have wellness programs focused on your emotional and intellectual health.
  7. Just lock and leave: If you’re someone who likes to travel, at a senior living community you lock your door and know everything will be OK until you return. Whether you want to visit friends up the street, stay with family across the state, or travel around the globe, you won’t have to worry about your residence.

How Will Our Lifestyle Benefit You?

At Trillium Woods, our active senior living community features plenty of services, amenities, and a full activity calendar. To learn more about everything we can offer you — including our upcoming expansion that will provide even more opportunity for area seniors — contact us here.