2017 At Trillium Woods: A Year in Review

As 2017 comes to a close, the residents and staff at Trillium Woods are thankful for the many fortunes that were experienced this year. A close-knit community located in Plymouth, Minnesota, Trillium Woods’ devotion to health and well-being are among residents’ favorite attributes. This year also brought some exciting additions to the community, as well as the continuation of many beloved programs and activities.

A Community Creates Traditions

The community experienced many firsts this year: a walleye event, a spirituality program in partnership with the University of Minnesota, a variety show, and participation in National Night Out in August.

National Night Out is a 34-year old campaign focused on building strong communities and promoting community harmony. Since it began, it has impacted more than 38 million neighbors. Residents and staff at Trillium Woods took advantage of the day by showing appreciation to local police, fire departments and neighboring areas by hosting a block party. Carnival games, live music and good food were provided to all in attendance, and due to its tremendous success, the community is making it an annual giveback event.

“This was a fun way for us to get to know neighbors from the surrounding residential areas and shower the police and fire departments with our gratitude,” says Elizabeth Ann Fetner, Executive Director at Trillium Woods.

Fun in the Name of Philanthropy

The residents of Trillium Woods banded together in a variety of ways over the course of the year in an effort to raise awareness and funds for Alzheimer’s research. A series of Friday car washes were held during the summer months, and residents got the chance to volunteer to take tickets and host some festival-style games such as a ring toss and even a dunk tank! Attendees could get their cars washed, enjoy a hotdog at lunch, and play games, all for a great cause.

Residents also gathered for a chili cook-off! With a $5 donation per person, residents participated in the cook-off, where they taste-tested great food while enjoying a community atmosphere and fundraiser.

Other charitable events were the Alzheimer’s Walk, as well as an ongoing event where residents tossed coins in the main entrance fountain, which will be gathered at the end of the month to add to the funds that the community had already raised, totaling just over $6,000!

Trillium Woods Earning a Top-Notch Reputation

The community of Trillium Woods closes out its second year with an exciting 2017 Best of Senior Living Award from Plymouth Magazine. The community also received rave reviews from the resident satisfaction survey conducted this year, with many residents saying they’ll be recommending the community to family and friends.

“We feel so honored that Trillium Woods was recognized as ‘The Best’ by Plymouth Magazine! We all get such satisfaction from our work at the community and are proud of the home we had a part in building for others,” says Elizabeth Ann.

Trillium Woods is a place with so much to do, places to go and people to meet; it’s what senior living should really be all about. As residents reminisce about the memorable experiences, connections and friendships of 2017, the associates at Trillium Woods have been planning an extraordinary year to come. Next up: the 2018 Trillium Woods Variety Show in February and Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) programming to ward off the winter doldrums. To learn more about ongoing activities and events at Trillium Woods, or what lies ahead in 2018, please call (763) 553-7600. Happy New Year!